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  1. Google Earth is back

  2. Google earth has returned with a slew of new features, and the best part of it runs in your browsers. No need to download and update an application., which means for all of you out there with Chromebooks, you are ready to check it out today. Just navigate your web browser to
  3. Check out my full run down of the new addition to Google Earth on this week's Tech Tip (Link below)
  4. Apple's Apps are now FREE

  5. This week Tony Vincent shared that Apple has made there well none production apps free to iOS and MacOS users.
  6. Something for the Math enthusiasts: EquatIO

  7. This week Alice Keeler shared that this great math tool now has an extension that you can use with Chrome. The extension allows for handwriting recognition in order to embed actual math problems right into a Google Doc. No more hunting for mathematical symbols and pasting them in, let your handwriting do the job.
  8. Check out her full review below.
  9. Time for...

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