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  1. Google's auto draw tool

  2. For all of us who want to create on the go, Google has released this web based tool for taking our terrible stick figure sketches and transforming them into something that is recognizable and customizable.
  3. AutoDraw: Fast Drawing for Everyone
  4. CTRL + Tab inside of your preferred web browser

  5. For all of you Tabaholics (including myself), Alice Keeler has shared this gem for jumping back and forth bettwet your tabs without ever having to touch your mouse/track pad
  6. TechTipTuesday - Apple Clips

  7. For those of you who use an iOS device, Apple recently released a new video capturing and editing tool call Clips.
  8. I took the application for a test run and felt like it was a great free video/picture capturing/editing app for the SnapChat generation. Loads of filters, ease with reordering clips and simple exports. Full run down, and some ideas on how this tool may help you capture and share plus my day of test footage below.
  9. Time for....

  10. Under Caffeinated Humor - Pasta Joke
    Under Caffeinated Humor - Pasta Joke
  11. As always, Stay tuned and stay connected...

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