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  1. Summer of Learning and Play

  2. Summer break is upon us or fast approaching, for those of us in education. A perfect time to recharge and brainstorm on "what's next"
  3. Today's edition is designed to share ideas that could linger over your summer while you contemplate, relax, play, discover, and plan.
  4. Google Classroom - A very good place to start

  5. For those of you who have been using Google Classroom or those of you who have not yet fully integrated it into your everyday use, flip through these great ideas and suggestions on how you can use Google Classroom with your learners next year. It is a great tool that is always adapting, changing and being modified with educators in mind.
  6. Continuing your journey, take your Googles with you

  7. This week's Tech Tip was all about Google Takeout. A great service that allows your to backup all of your Google creations (from blog posts, to Google+, email, to drive, ALL THE GOOGLES. Back your stuff up or if you are moving to a new place transfer your files to your new account all with a few simple clicks.
  8. And now it's time for...

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  10. As always, Stay tuned and stay connected

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