Tennis Elbow Braces: Healing Vs. Pain Relief?

The Tennis Elbow brace was in the news recently, in the Wall Street Journal. The claim being that they can relieve pain – But isn't the real question: "Do braces help the injury HEAL?"

  1. Tennis Elbow Braces For Healing Or Pain Relief?
    Tennis Elbow Braces For Healing Or Pain Relief?
  2. Allen Willette, of Tennis Elbow Classroom offers his brief insight in the following YouTube video, (the first in a series entitled, "Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorials")
  3. Do You Need A Tennis Elbow Brace? Will ANY Support Help Your Tendons Truly Heal? (The Real Question)
  4. Braces, bands and other supports do seem to relieve the pain of Tennis Elbow, according to the Journal article, by compressing the forearm muscles or limiting wrist mobility.

    (Is it noteworthy that the article mentions "pain relief" 11 times - but "healing" isn't mentioned even once, though?)...
  5. The problem is, we tend to assume that if something’s feeling better - it must be getting better; it must be healing (which is often true!)...

    But that isn't necessarily the case here. When it comes to chronic tendon injuries, like Tennis Elbow, 'Pain Relief' doesn't necessarily equate with 'Healing' at all!
  6. So, Do Tennis Elbow "Supports" Support Healing?

  7. The podcast below is an audio version of the YouTube video, and can be downloaded at
  8. It comes down to the nature of the most common type of Tennis Elbow injury, which is usually 'Tendinosis' and degenerative...

    And this kind of injury has nothing in common with a sprain or fracture that would require immobilization in order to heal.

    For the detailed article with a longer video, follow the link below and visit Tennis Elbow Classroom:
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