Diver to Watch: Mara George

Mara George, a local diver from Winnipeg will have the home pool advantage at the upcoming 2017 Canada Summer Games.

  1. The 2017 Canada Summer Games are coming to Winnipeg, Manitoba and local diver Mara George could not be more excited about the occasion, "Getting to compete at our home pool is amazing. It's nice to be at home and have all of our friends and family close by. It's so exciting for something so big to be held at the Pan Am Pool and in Winnipeg" - Mara George.
  2. The Pan Am Pool has undergone significant renovation to prepare for the Canada Games and the upgrade will help Mara and the next generation of Winnipeg-based divers develop for years to come.
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  4. At the age of 15, Mara competed at the 2013 Canada Summer Games in Sherbrooke, Quebec. At the time, she had only been involved in the sport for three years. Now, Mara will be returning to the Games with a lot more experience under her belt. Her coach Dallas Ludwick considers Mara a leader amongst the Manitoba divers headed to the Games. "On the female team we have four divers who have all competed at the junior and senior national level - and all have been national finalists (top 12) within the 16-18 age group. This group is headed by Mara George, who won a silver on 1-metre springboard and a bronze medal on 3-metre springboard at the 2016 Junior Elite National Championships" - Dallas Ludwick.
  5. Mara proved at the 2016 Junior Elite Nationals that she is a strong competitor at home. The National Championship took place at the Pan Am pool in Winnipeg, where Mara stood on the podium twice, as her coach mentioned.
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  9. Mara and her Manitoba diving teammates are a close-knit group of friends. They train together, confide in one another, and support each other on and off the pool deck. "I am very excited to be competing alongside some of my best friends. We train together every day, but it is a different experience when you get to compete together as a team. Being so close, we support and encourage each other to perform better" - Mara George.
  10. When asked what she is most excited about with regards to the 2017 Canada Summer Games, Mara replied, "I am most excited about the atmosphere and the energy at Canada Summer Games. With all of the sports coming together, it will be much bigger than most diving competitions we are used to and that is very exciting".
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  12. The Canada Games diving competition will run from July 31st to August 3rd. Good luck to Mara George, Team Manitoba, and all of the other competitors!
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