Impressive HR Knowledge Sharing as 375 HR Managers Meet During #ClubTS

This past June Talentsoft had the privilege of hosting over 375 HR Managers at its annual ClubTS event. This year the focus was on challenges related to digital HR transformations.

  1. Company Growth and New Products

  2. Talentsoft CEO Jean-Stéphane Arcis was pleased to open ClubTS by reviewing some of the impressive growth statistics about Talentsoft. In 2014 the company was the fastest growing European SAAS provider, added over 100 new customers, and rolled out over 200 projects. This type of growth is not only good for Talentsoft, but for every customer as well because it allows Talentsoft to harness the knowledge gained from each client and project to improve the Talentsoft platform for everyone.
  3. Alexandre Pachulski, Chief Product Officer, followed Jean Stéphane’s words with a presentation about Talentsoft’s latest tools. One of the key strategies driving the Talentsoft platform is crowd-driven talent management (CDTM). With CDTM Talentsoft hopes to harness the power of collective knowledge and efforts to strengthen the HR processes within organizations.
  4. The latest tools from Talentsoft, all of which are crowd-driven, are Hello Talent, My Talentsoft, and HR Analytics. Hello Talent allows recruiters and HR professionals to easily involve groups of people in the recruiting process as they harness the power of social media. My Talentsoft is built around having a simple, intuitive interface that enables all employees to be involved in and up to date on their company’s HCM and talent management processes. Finally, HR Analytics allows for easy, intuitive analysis of HR data, the creation of custom surveys, and more.
  5. Workshops

  6. After the introductory session 8 different workshops were held to allow for knowledge sharing between all of the HR professionals who were present. During sessions Talentsoft users shared their HR experiences and ideas as well as how to getthe most out of tools offered by Talentsoft and partners like cut-e.
  7. During one workshop SNCF, the French national railway company, shared how it is using Talentsoft solutions to achieve greater management and employee involvement in talent management projects. As part of their efforts they’ve coined the term “VISEO” to represent how all HR information should be transparent and easily shared. As they’ve used Talentsoft to implement the viseo philosophy talent management has improved throughout the company and over 9,000 managers and 1,000 recruiters are now using Talentsoft in their talent management efforts.
  8. In another workshop, given by Crédit Agricole SA, Christine Applanat, the HR Systems Project Manager shared how she has worked with Talentsoft to improve the HR experience for all employees in her organization. After assessing different products and options Christine and her team decided to use the Talentsoft app MyJobs to improve internal mobility and external mobility. The use of MyJobs was a large success and resulted in:

    - More than 7000 job openings posted
    - More than 25000 people connected
    - More than 9000 interna lapplications
    - More than 150000 external applications
  9. Final session: The real challenges of digital change

  10. During the final session two special guest speakers presented research and advice on digital change in HR. Bo Lykegaard, an analyst with IDC, discussed how only 4% of European companies are making progress in digital innovation, but over 60% of the companies consider it a top priority. Bo went on to share how HR can be a major force in facilitating the change needed for digitization and digital innovation.
  11. Mark Gadette, head of cloud strategy for Microsoft France, added to Bo’s words by discussing how digital change relies primarily on a change in culture. The main change that companies need to experience for digital improvements isn’t in tools but in mindsets. Catherine Leclère, a Talentsoft user from Air France shared that “digitization is more than just using a new tool, it’s an entirely new way of thinking and working.” The speakers went on to share how HR professionals can work to ensure their companies are able to successfully embrace digital change.
  12. The session concluded with awards presented to Talentsoft customers for accomplishments in a variety of HR fields, including internal mobility and international talent management projects.
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