#ClubTS2016 addresses the future of work and the employee experience!

Talentsoft organised its annual user conference on 2 June. Clients, partners, and experts from across Europe discussed one of the hottest topics in the professional world today – the employee experience.

  1. Relive Club Talentsoft 2016

  2. Club Talentsoft 2016 - Best-Of
  3. Build Passion | Create Engagement

  4. Club Talentsoft 2016 Opening Film : Build Passion I Create Engagement
  5. Opening plenary session and scaling Mount Kilimanjaro

  6. Jean-Stéphane Arcis, CEO of Talentsoft, inaugurated the day by reaffirming that Talentsoft has upheld its position as the European leader in HR cloud software in 2016. Talentsoft has established its influence on the HR cloud market with 8 million users, 500 employees, and more than 1,000 clients. The company has been innovating for over 10 years now thanks to its 150-developer strong R&D department, the biggest in Europe for HR.
  7. Glenn Holster, Senior Recruiter at Mazars, and Frank Oddens, VP International at Talentsoft, shared their incredible journey to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. During this session, they equated the obstacles faced during the trek to those they face in the workplace on a daily basis. The thrill of accomplishing something complicated is the same in both cases!
  8. 12 client and partner workshops

  9. Clients, partners, and HR experts shared their HR vision and best practices with Club Talentsoft’s participants. The topics covered included employee experience and deploying an HRIS or HR Analytics solution internationally. We would like to thank our clients, Air France, Bourbon, CGR, Darty, DCNS, FDJ, Galeries Lafayette, Groupe Chantelle, PSB Industries, Safran, and Shoeby for sharing their experience with us on 2 June!
  10. New products launch

  11. Club Talentsoft is the place to be if you’re interested in the new Talentsoft Roadmap and products. And this year was no different. Justus Geist, Product Marketing Director at Talentsoft, presented Talentsoft’s new products for 2016. We would like to thank Limagrain, GFI Informatique, and Elior Group for their client testimonials!
  12. New products:
    - Annual Appraisal: Delegate a team and their appraisal forms
    - Talent Profile: Managers and HR can now look for an employee’s 360° profile in a single place and in real-time
    - Talent Review: Identify key talents and plan the actions required to retain them
    - Compensation: Allow HR and Managers to easily and intuitively manage employee salary review
  13. Product Launch - Club Talentsoft 2016
  14. Closing plenary session: Why the future of work is all about the employee experience

  15. To conclude this rewarding day, six HR experts and speakers debated on “The future of work”. They shared their best practices, including digital tools, employee engagement factors, and the importance of a strong work culture as a factor for employee retention.
  16. Jacob Morgan - Why the future of work is all about the employee experience

    Jacob Morgan, a renowned visionary and author of the bestseller The Future of Work, spoke about the necessity of rethinking work around the three pillars of employee experience: technology, culture, and the workplace.
  17. Jacob Morgan - Intervention Club Talentsoft 2016
  18. Laurent Choain - Organizational aesthetics at Mazars: what your office tells about your organization and how it can reflect or influence your management style

    Laurent Choain, Chief People & Communication Officer at Mazars, spoke on “The aesthetics of organisations” and illustrated how the working environment reflects and influences our management approaches.
  19. Laurent Choain - Intervention Club Talentsoft 2016
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