Spartanburg City Council meeting, August 26, 2013

  1. Mayor White was absent due to illness.
  2. The savings provided by this ordinance are designed to provide an incentive for owners of the City's historic properties to rehabilitate their properties. Staff believes that making this incentive available could make a tremendous difference in the economic viability of some projects. 
  3. The City's Historic and Architectural Review Board will review properties that have not received previous state or federal tax breaks for historic preservation.
  4. The One Morgan Square building is the former headquarters of Extended Stay America, and currently serves as home to Johnson Development Associates, American Credit Acceptance, Pure Barre, and OTO Development.
  5. City will receive $329,288 from the sale. City Manager Ed Memmott 

    asked Council to “park” the sales proceeds temporarily and decide on use of the funds after staff can make its recommendation for downtown streetscape projects and a modest group of near-term park and recreation facility improvements. 

  6. George Harakas was appointed to the City Planning Commission, and Mac Hogan was appointed to the Spartanburg Housing Authority board.
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