Fall 2016 Visiting Executive Tony Cervone #GMatSU

On October 19th, 2016, the Center for Social Commerce, a partnership between Syracuse University and W2O Group, hosted Tony Cervone, senior vice president of Global Communications at General Motors (GM).

  1. Cervone engaged students with a conversation concerning the evolution of GM over the past several years, sharing how the company is redefining itself via a more progressive model for communications to remain relevant. He shared how GM is aggressively moving to become a technology-oriented company as it competes for talent across the industry with the likes of Google, Amazon, Apple and IBM.
  2. As a result of its long history and global scale, GM truly has a worldwide impact.
  3. From a communications standpoint, PR and marketing are connected like never before, but issues still remain specifically around influencer engagement and storytelling.
  4. Cervone observed, “storytelling without a central theme is just noise”, while emphasizing the importance of authenticity in a company's storytelling.
  5. Cervone advised students writing and storytelling remain essential to succeeding in an evolving communications industry.
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