The Best of #HRTechConf: A Social Recap

HR Tech's return to Las Vegas was practically begging to be live-tweeted—and this year's conference-goers happily obliged. Thousands of tweets were sent & we combed through them all to find the best ones. Check out the social highlights from HR Tech!

  1. The hashtag was announced, and tweets began firing away!
  2. Some of the best people in HR came out for the conference- Shout out to Tim Sackett for taking a selfie with EVERYONE!
  3. Although a fun conference, the events of the week prior were not forgotten. In the midst of the HR Tech excitement, there was still a sense of community, strength & hope.
  4. When it was time to get down to business, there was so much to learn in the sessions. Here are some highlights & key takeaways:
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