Future Proof Assembly in Bristol

On 26th June 2017 Business in the Community, supported by the City and Guilds Group brought together employers across Bristol to explore the challenges and opportunities of employing young people. It was a chance for employers to hear about our latest research, network and share best practice.


  2. Bristol is one of the largest economic centres in the UK with around 17,500 businesses and thriving legal, professional services, media and education sectors. A recent UK Powerhouse report by CBER estimated that after strong growth in 2016, the economy in Bristol is now worth £13.6 billion. Despite this strong economic performance, employment levels in 2016 only increased by 0.7 percent. This lack of growth in employment can be seen in Bristols youth unemployment rate which remains stubbornly high at 11.3 percent, almost double the overall rate for the city. Whats more currently only 30 percent of employers in the West of England have hired a young person in the last year and only 16 percent offer apprenticeships!
  3. This year, Business in the Community and the City Guilds Group are working with business leaders and HR professionals from across Bristol to breakdown the barriers in the hiring process for young people. From de-jargoning job descriptions to exploring behaviour based assessment, we will be exploring how businesses in Bristol can update recruitment for the next generation.
  4. Keep up to date with our work by checking our Future Proof Bristol web page for updates!
  5. Read more about why were working in Bristol!

  7. Working with the local FSB, the LEP and other employer networks we sent out invites to businesses of all sizes recruiting and operating in the Bristol area. In the days leading up to the event it was clear that anticipation was building with the recruitment professionals of Bristol excited to be joining us!

  9. The day arrived and the weather was fantastic. We were very lucky to be able to hold our event at the PwC offices on Glass Wharf where the views of Bristol were stunning! As well as the views, we were all equally excited by an ipad operated coffee machine! After a couple of coffees - with personalised foam levels! - it was time to set up for our delegates.
  10. We also made full use of the PwC whitboards to create our tweet wall featuring our own artistic interpretations of some of Bristols big landmarks!
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