ICD-10 implementation live stream

  1. The day that so many people have been dreading has finally arrived: Oct. 1. The dayhealthcare organizations are mandated to transition to ICD-10. People have predicted the implementation of the new code set will be disaster, people havepredicted that it will be another anti-climactic Y2K-type event, and now thehealthcare community will finally know the results.
  2. People hunkered down in their "war rooms":
  3. As well as took to Twitter the eve and morning of Oct. 1 to express a wide range of emotions. Some people hate ICD-10, some love it, some resent CMS, some resent CMS for giving four states waivers:
  4. However,many also excitedly declared on Twitter that ICD-10 was in full effect at their healthcare organization, claims were being processed, all was working well, and things were generally pretty quiet:
  5. Some reported that they were having issues but said the problem was easily solved without any cataclysmic consequences:
  6. And of course, others were not so lucky. Some healthcare organizations reported experiencing more serious problems ranging from systems (including EHRs) being completely down to computer systems not accepting codes:
  7. A CMS official stated that it will take a couple weeks before the full picture of the ICD-10 implementation becomes clear:
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