Episode 74

Show notes for the Beer with Strangers podcast.

  1. We called it on the brew pubs

  2. All sorts of local news this week, including a big congrats to Mispillion River Brewing for taking home the Bronze for its chocolate porter at GABF. (More on that in next week's SOTB blog.
  3. Also, several new brewpubs from all friends (including MRB and Chesapeake Brewing).
  4. Chalkboard @ Mispillion River Brewing
    Chalkboard @ Mispillion River Brewing
  5. The consolidation in bigger beer continues, but we may be having two different arguments. One of the really interesting takeaways is that ABInBev is looking to get a better foothold in Africa. It's kind of like beer colonialism.
  6. Dogfish Head's new backers are likely symptomatic of a non-beer problem. We all know how interesting economics is, so I'll try and keep it brief: In a world where there aren't many great returns on investments, craft beer is still a relatively safe choice. This has more to do with low interest rates than with the beer industry.
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