1. Sport Business professor Anastasios Kaburakis spoke to the LA Times about players unions in e-sports

  2. Entrepreneurship / Management professor Steve Epner was featured on Cortex's Entrepreneurially Thinking podcast

  3. James Fisher spoke with the St. Louis Post Dispatch about Wells Fargo's CEO and the challenges he faces after their scandal.

  4. Center for Entrepreneurship director Tim Hayden has invested in 5 new companies through his startup accelerator Stadia Ventures (via St. Louis Business Journal)

  5. Marketing professor James Fisher spoke to the St. Louis Post Dispatch about Ascension Health's recent rebranding efforts.

  6. Jerome Katz, Coleman professor for Entrepreneurship, spoke to the St. Louis Post Dispatch about the continued growth of startups in St. Louis.

  7. Professors Carl Maertz and Patrick Mahoney's paper "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" was referenced in a recent Harvard Business Review article.

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