Show us a real plan for healthcare

Thousands of workers, patients, and constituents across the country are showing up at town hall meetings with their members of Congress to demand a real plan to improve healthcare and Medicaid.

  1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  2. Cook County, Illinois
  3. Constituents forced Rep. Jim Jordan, from Ohio, to do an improvised town hall.
  4. All across the nation, people want a real plan. Not a prescription for chaos.
  5. New Yorkers want Rep. Dan Donovan to hold a town hall meeting.
  6. -
  7. Neighbors in upstate New York want a real plan from Rep. Claudia Tenney
  8. -
  9. Houston constituents want some answers from Sen. Ted Cruz.
  10. Sen. Chuck Grassley faced crowds ready to fight for healthcare
  11. Home care workers Henrietta Ivey and Elaine Pope explain why they support healthcare and Medicaid in Troy, Michigan
  12. -
  13. Texans want an answer from Rep. Will Hurd
  14. Tennessee voters want to hear from Rep. Marsha Blackburn.
  15. 1199 workers in Massachusetts support healthcare
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