1. The 2017 SAGES annual meeting starts next week (March 22-25, 2017) in Houston, TX.
  2. If you are coming to the meeting (or even if you aren't), we encourage you to download the free SAGES 2017 Meeting App. To download the app, go to sages2017.org/get-the-app/ or scan one of the QR codes below.
  3. Once the app is installed, its use should be fairly self-explanatory. You can browse the meeting agenda using a number of different views, take notes on different items, save items using the Star icon, interact with speakers at the podium, add items to your schedule using the calendar icon, see PowerPoints from selected sessions and more! While the app makes this all very easy to do, there is an easier way to do this from your desktop machine: use the SAGES Personal Meeting Planner:
  4. The Personal Meeting Planner does require you to create an account or use an account from a previous meeting and also log in to that account from your mobile devices but once you do so, all of your devices will share data automatically so adding an object to the Personal Meeting Planner will automatically update your phone and tablet! This is an excellent way to browse the meeting ahead of time and plan your schedule. Please note your SAGES member account will not work on the app. You will need to create/use an app-specific account.

  5. Creating an Account / Logging Into the App

  6. NEW for 2017: We also encourage you to login to the app so you can comment on sessions and send questions to the podium. If you have never logged into the app and need to create an account, you can do so quickly and easily.
  7. Step 1: Open the app and tap the More button on the bottom right of the screen.
  8. Step 2: Tap Settings, then Login:
  9. Once you tap Settings and Login, you will be on the account screen (shown below). If you have logged into a SAGES app before, you can use those same credentials in this app too. If you need to create an account, use the Create Account link or tap on Sign in with Facebook or Sign in with Google.

  10. What do the Icons Mean?

  11. You will notice several icons on the top of most screens in the app. In case you needed help with what the icons mean:

  12. New for 2017: Filters on Session Screens and Relevant Guidelines

  13. One of the big changes to the app this year is the addition of filters on the session screen. When you are looking at the agenda items, you will see one or more blue buttons denoting the session track, the SAGES Learning Themes and the AHRQ National Priorities. Tapping any of those buttons will filter the agenda data for all matching items.
  14. Below the filter buttons you will see any relevant links for that session. Most sessions have one or more relevant SAGES guidelines attached but we also feature quick links to other links of interest.

  15. Adding Custom Agenda Items

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