And we're off - Robin Hood Tax Ireland launches!

On Tuesday, we launched the Robin Hood Tax Ireland campaign! 40 organisations from across the country joined the coalition calling on the Irish government to back a small tax on banks that could do a world of good. Here's how it went down.

  1. It started as a trickle. Throughout January, organisations from our coalition began encouraging their supporters to back the tiny tax that makes so much sense.
  2. Within a very short while, we'd already reached a lot of people.
  3. Then partners from overseas saw what we were doing and started lending their support.
  4. On Tuesday, we met at Mansion House (site of the first Irish Parliament) and supporters began filing in.
  5. While people were arriving at the hall, down the road Robins Eugene Flynn and David Hillman were meeting with talk-show host Pat Kenny - they even managed to get him to wear a hat ;)
  6. You can hear them here >>>
  7. Before the meeting, representatives from across our broad coalition wanted a chance to meet Robin!
  8. As we sat down, the chair Anna Visser (Claiming Our Future) introduced the event with our brand new launch video.
  9. Anna then set about explaining the thinking behind the launch and why Robin was needed now more than ever.
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