Miley Cyrus's performance at VMAs

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  1. The teddy Bear thing was inappropriate as it appealed to young girls! This is not role model material.
  2. Sex sells and they need that!! When talent is lacking sex is always needed !
  3. Someday she will have to explain this to her own (less than 13 yr old) kids. Karma!
  4. Genius! Was a great show. A big ass "happened" to be there to slap. LOL! She ground crotch at the perfect point in that song. She was a good girl, escaping her teddy bears... Well choreographed, superb timing. Definitely was a show for audiences to remember. I'm sure it was written and agreed to beforehand, the timing was too perfect.
  5. Listen to the song...SHE DOESN'T CARE...that's the whole point of the song! The costumes were weird but hey it's got everyone talking
  6. Lame and talentless. She looked really awkward trying to be sexy or whatever she was trying to be.
  7. an untalented performer trying desperately to be an adult. kinda sad esp since her music sucks
  8. I get that she is a adult blah blah blah....but come on have some freaking class!
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