We asked our readers where they thought Houston-area transit should go next

  1. In the latest episode of the Kinder Institute's monthly "Urban Edge" podcast, Senior Editor Ryan Holeywell spoke with Kinder Institute Director of Strategic Partnerships and transportation expert Kyle Shelton about what the next step in Houston transit should be.
  2. We received a lot of feedback on METRO's light-rail system, which currently doesn't span beyond the 610 Loop save for two stops on the Red Line. With METRO finally done with construction of its three light-rail lines, we asked, "where should it go next?"

    Read below to the see feedback, and be sure to comment at the end of this piece to contribute to the discussion.
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  4. Some wondered whether METRO would consider constructing lines connecting to the airports. We wrote about that possibility as well when we spoke with METRO's board chair in 2016.
  5. West to Uptown and to the airports (go to Atlanta and see why to name only one example). Connect with BRT in existing HOV lanes to the outer cities. And let's please elevate it along parts of the Hardy Toll road. Our new visitors will be amazed at the beauty of Houston above the tree line.
  6. Connections along Westheimer into the Galleria area were also suggested.
  7. Westheimer--all the way: from Bagby to Dairy Ashford. Get it over with.
  8. Some want to save some drive time and venture to areas outside of Houston.
  9. From Galveston, then Katy then Sugarland to downtown... like Dallas
  10. University rivalries don't exist in this commenter's mind—she wants to unite Owls and Cougars.
  11. Line from UH to Rice passing through northern Third Ward.
  12. But the most common suggestion overall?
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