March 2017 News Round Up

A selection of geographical stories that have made the headlines this month

  1. Inside an active volcano - Merapi
    Inside an active volcano - Merapi
  2. Searching for the gem that could lift them out of poverty: emerald mining in Colombia.

  3. Norway is the happiest country on Earth, according to a report. Why Nordic countries are doing so well?

  4. Sea level rise: Miami and Atlantic city fight to stay above water

  5. Hans Rosling: population prophet: Five final thoughts

  6. Cape Verde in pictures: Living with volcanoes

  7. New demands on Antarctica threaten its future as a haven for climate change science research

  8. Amazon jungle faces death spiral of drought and deforestation, warns scientists

  9. What happens to an economy when a country has an unexpected influx of tourists? Iceland offers lessons about impact on cities, environment and food supply

  10. Thousands forced to move as drought strikes Puntland

  11. How the invention of paper changed the world

  12. Arid Land to a fertile Eden: permaculture lessons from Portugal

  13. Malta's Azure Window collapses into the sea

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