How NOTA burnt many unsuspecting politicians

The Aam Aadmi Party was considered the new threat in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. While campaign managers devised various strategies to neutralise the AAP, it was a relatively unknown enemy, NOTA, that slipped through their defences. A curation from Rachitaa Gupta.

  1. Here is a little guide on what NOTA is!
  2. Right to Reject / NOTA ( Indian Election )
  3. IIYO (Indian International Youth Organization) - NOTA Ad Film HD
  4. None of the Above (NOTA), like AAP, was a new entrant this elections. It was considered inconsequential by many campaign managers. May 16, however, them wrong.

  5. One shocking upset was A Raja of the Congress, who was beaten by NOTA in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu.
  6. Instead of the BJP or Congress, NOTA seemed to be the biggest competitor for AAP, and it emerged the winner in several constituencies.
  7.  It also managed to take away votes from several regional parties.
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