What is the Pottstown School Board Up To?

Tweets from the March 20 Committee of the Whole meeting

  1. Walker said four firms bid 19 times over the Internet in bidding that lasted from 11:05 to 11:15 a.m. Thursday.

    He said the firm had forecast a likely interest rate of 4.20, but a slight uptick in the market drove the interest rates a little higher than expected.

    The costs involved in the bidding, about $230,000, were rolled into the borrowing and will be paid over the 21-year life of the bond.

    The bond can be "called" and re-financed at a lower interest rate, if possible, after five years have passed.
  2. The above occurred at the end of the meeting, but I thought it would be best to put all the bond information together.
  3. She had said one or two snacks would not turn children "obese" and I heard and tweeted "into beasts."  Again, my apologies.
  4. Bertoti is a South Street resident, as is his son, who got up next to speak.
  5. Habekost replaces junior Sarah Pargeon, who withdrew from the position.
  6. Williams chairs the policy committee.
  7. That meeting is a meeting of the board's Community Relations Committee.
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