Ward Meeting Al Fresco

Tweets and Tout videos from the July 31, 2014 joint ward meeting of wards 6 and 7 held outside (not exactly "at) the Ricketts Community Center on Beech Street.

  1. So here I am, an erstwhile reporter on his way to a routine ward meeting at the Ricketts Center when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but dancing laughing children. "It must be summer," I think to myself and out comes the video app.
  2. But my curiosity is piqued by the fact that everyone seems to be standing OUTSIDE the Ricketts Center, instead of inside where, you know, there's air conditioning.
  3. So I wander up to the basketball court to catch a few minutes of spirited play.
  4. Then I realize, they're going to have the meeting OUTSIDE. "Well that's a new one," I says to meself.
  5. But after a bit, the meeting lost its formal trappings and, I don't want to say 'devolved,' but I can't think of a better word, into a meeting in which people talked to the person, councilman, mayor or borough official they wanted to talk to.
  6. All, in all, I would say it probably turned out better than anyone expected it to when it got started.

    Mayor Sharon Thomas perhaps phrased it best when she said "it was kind of organic," the way the meeting turned into a series of one-on-one discussions.

    Someone else called it "a block party without any food."

    Councilwoman Sheryl MIller said she and Councilman Ryan Procsal are looking at planning a joint meeting of the first and third wards toward the end of August.

    Date, place and time will be announced at the next council meeting, Miller said.
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