Upper Pottsgrove Commissioners Meeting 2/18/14

Tweets from Tuesday night's township commissioner's meeting

  1. Turns out, he was talking about a group of Orlando Road neighbors who were there to complain about a neighbor with too many dogs. Pretty good story actually.
  2. She said she was able to get out of her driveway to get to work by 6 a.m., thanks to the efforts of the township highway crew, but found the condition of the streets in the borough appalling.
  3. Called "a paper street," the road was never built and is entirely within the boundaries of one property owner, who requested the township take this action.
  4. This was a victim of "auto-correct," which changed 'unfunded' to 'unfinished' without me noticing. Luckily, when auto-correct fails me, I have Krazalkovich-correct, as seen below:
  5. Roadmaster Frank Quinter said the work began Tuesday morning.
  6. "It's old and clunky," said Commissioners Chairman Elwood Taylor in response to comments by Commissioner Martin Schreiber, who said the township should be able to post snow emergency declarations on its own web site.
  7. This turns out to be entirely unsubstantiated and I now consider it unlikely as well. Oops.
  8. Residents of this development have been waiting for years for this issue to be resolved.
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