Regional Goings On

Tweets from the Feb. 26, 2014 meeting of the Pottstown Metropolitan Area Regional Planning Committee

  1. The position is called a "circuit rider," and is envisioned as someone who assists existing recreation departments and helps towns without one; also to coordinate regional recreation issues.

    Below is a link to a story I wrote about the position and effort last April.
  2. The idea mentioned above actually was generated by the Pottstown planning group. 

    John Cover, from the Montgomery County planning official, said DVRPC does not exactly reserve funding for the Pottstown regional group but "is open to allocating funds to the region for efforts that have transportation components."
  3. All total it is 26 municipalities would would be involved.

    -- Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission: Pottstown, East Coventry, North Coventry, Lower Pottsgrove, Upper Pottsgrove, West Pottsgrove, New Hanover, Douglass (Mont.);

    -- Upper Perkiomen Valley Regional Planning Commission: Boroughs of East Greenville, Green Lane, Pennsburg, Red Hill and townships of Marlborough and Upper Hanover;

    -- Central Perkiomen Valley Regional Planning Commission: Boroughs of Collegeville,Trappe and Schwenksville and townships of Upper Frederick, Lower Frederick, Perkiomen as well as the Perkiomen Valley School District;

    -- Indian Valley Regional Planning Commission: Boroughs of Telford, Souderton and Salford, Upper Salford, Lower Salford and Francoinia townships;

    Cover said while the Natural Lands Trust work will look at the best ways to maintain open space at the lowest cost, the county will at the same time look at greenways and "natural connections" among the four regional planning area, which are contiguous.

    "It's a big block, so we can look at things like stream corridors and other connections on a much wider basis," Cover said. "We'll see if we can't craft a unified vision of connections."
  4. There are number of zones within the overlay district which will make changes to the amount of residential and commercial development permitted along that section of the busy road.

    "One of the overlay districts injects more residential into one of the zones as a way of injecting more life into the area," said Cover.

    Pottstown Borough Council President Stephen Toroney also suggested the market impact study undertaken by the regional planners be used as well to measure the impact of the overlay districts on the entire region.

    Cover said that can easily be done.
  5. So as it turns out, the above Tweet is not entirely correct. I have just learned the academy building has been purchased as a new recreation center, not as a new township building.

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