Pottstown Council Monday, Feb. 10, 2014

Tweets from Council's Regular Meeting

  1. As usual, the meeting convened with me running in at the last minute...
  2. Borough Manager (and former police chief) Mark Flanders said the money will pay to up-grade the "in car camera systems" now in the patrol cars and are approaching the end of their useful life.
  3. Derr's term will expire on Feb. 1, 2018.
  4. There was some buzz the blogosphere about the planning commission appointment, with Pottstown's own Golden Cockroach suggesting on Facebook that Lavanga, who was tagged in April as being the owner of at least one borough properties that was declared "blighted," (as well as some other issues which I am not going to mention here) might not be the best choice for the planning commission.

    Of course, it all became moot when Lavanga withdrew his name.

    Below is the story I wrote when Lavanga's name appeared on the list of blighted property owners:
  5. In other Pottstown housing news....
  6. Schlegel died unexpectedly Saturday, Dec. 28 in her home. Below is the story I wrote about her passing. She is missed.
  7. But life goes on and on Monday night, Pottstown Borough Manager Mark Flanders introduced Council to Michael Lenhart (pictured below), who will take over as the head of Parks and Recreation.
  8. Council approved a waiver to put an electronic sign at the new miniature golf course, which will be named Manatawny Green, by the way. And on the subject of signs in the borough ...
  9. What do you think of his design?
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