Pottstown Borough Council 2-5-14

Tweets Tout videos by Mercury Reporter Evan Brandt from Wednesday night's Pottstown Borough Council work session.

  1. Information and applications for both grant programs are available at borough hall, 100 E. High St., Pottstown; as well as on the borough web site: pottstown.org
  2. Councilman Dan Weand wanted to be sure the roofs could have solar panels added later if it becomes economically feasible.
  3. Council members worried that the change would make it even more complicated for simple repairs to be done to borough homes. Place said quite the opposite. "The language will be much clearer and trhe new application and process will be much more friendly to the public," he said.
  4. The consultant firm are AEM and Wilkinson Engineering, both of which have worked on improvements to Memorial Park and the mini-golf course.
  5. Oops.
  6. Painter's Chief of Staff is Michael Lavanga. Council members questioned whether he lives in the borough, as the address he gave on his application was for Painter's district office in Sanatoga. Borough Manager Mark Flanders and Solicitor Charles D. Garner Jr. replied that "he owns properties in the borough." The term is for four years.
  7. Borough Solicitor Charles D. Garner Jr. said no reason for the application or more information about the situation there has ever been offered. The application was first made in September. He said "an attorney keeps contacting us and asking for an extension. Well, no more."
  8. She said police are "reactive" and the public can be "proactive" by locking car and front doors and reporting crimes. "There are very simple things you can do to prevent large problems. We live in a very impulsive society and I just thought I should re-vocalize these things in light of recent incidents."

    She was likely referring to the shooting and melee in which two police officers were injured early Sunday morning outside the Montgomery Elks Club on Walnut Street.

    Here's the latest on that:

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