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Tweets from Pottstown Borough Council work session meeting of Sept. 3, 2014

  1. Kulp also said her committee "will really have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to get this done as quickly as it needs to get done."
  2. Here is a story I wrote about the "art work," along with a photo of the painting, which is titled "The Falls at French Creek."
  3. He had just come from a meeting with borough officials and representatives of the Colebrookdale Railroad.
  4. The same is also true of a negative vibe, he said, suggesting that local residents can contribute to the success of the borough's efforts to attract tourists by talking it up instead of down.

    He mentioned events like the Quaker State Nationals BMX race which attracted 5,000 people and filled 1,000 hotel rooms; the Pottstown Volleyball Rumble, which attracts 3,200 players; "all of which has a favorable economic impact on the town.

    Then he pointed to  the Steel River Playhouse, Sunnybrook Ballroom and the Bike Pottstown program "which is serving as a model for other communities."
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