Of Pipes, Rails and Meters

Tweets from the Pottstown Borough Authority meeting of Aug. 19, 2014

  1. Authority Board member David Renn was absent.
  2. It became evident after I Tweeted this, that the water projects are $3.23 million and the sewer projects add up to 3.3 million. The sewer estimates were $333,000 above original plans and the water projects now stand at $811,000 above original plans.
  3. However, Finance Director Janice Lee said there are other potential leases on the horizon.
  4. The rationale for that request would be that all the equipment used for authority work is stored and maintained in the borough public works facility.
  5. The money came in two payments and was part of a settlement of a legal dispute over the cost of the authority's treatment of leachate from the Pottstown Landfill, which had recently closed.
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