Of Manholes and Meters

Live Tweets from the March 18, 2014 meeting of the Pottstown Borough Authority

  1. By the way, pardon my manners, the Borough Authority's new solicitor is Vincent Pompo from West Chester. He was the one briefing the authority board members on the legislation mentioned above.
  2. More on that initiative below...
  3. The work by the divers is part of a capital improvement and replacement program of aging equipment at the water treatment plant, which was built in 1963.
  4. "We still have some cast-iron pipes from 1890 giving us less trouble, but I think part of the problem with the 1963 pipes is they weren't laid down with any bedding, just right on top of the red shale," said Yerger. "We've got 24 miles of that stuff buried in the borough's streets."
  5. Finance Director Janice Lee and Utilities Administrator Bob Plenderleith say finances looking good for 2014 so far. New sewer rate went into effect with Jan. 1 billing and so far, the authority budget is enjoying 16 percent of revenues and 9 percent of expenses.
  6. Remote reading could download data every night, instead of once every 90 days.
  7. This could be an issue when the borough applies to renew its permit to draw drinking water from the Schuylkill, Weld said. Having data and a method for dealing with leaks quickly could help prevent problems with the DRBC, he said.
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