Meeting Deja Vu'

Tweets from the Sept. 8, 2014 Pottstown Borough Council meeting

  1. So first of all, Debbie e-mailed me and that should be "speeding" not sledding. Auto-correct, sometimes I hate you.
  2. Secondly, she wrote to clarify her concerns and I am happy to accommodate her:

    I also wanted to clarify the fact that it's hard to see oncoming vehicles when pulling out of the side streets (Rice or Quinter) onto Glasgow Street and since cars tend to speed on Glasgow St it's a recipe for disaster.  My main request with that situation was to put up traffic mirrors as a simple solution for safety - not sure that was very clear as I was a little nervous while speaking.  In addition I did mention the children because when you pull out you can't see very well and at times there are children on bikes too.   Anyway, wasn't sure if you could correct  or clarify those thoughts on your Twitter, blog, or anywhere else they might be posted, as I got a bit of flack from a few people. ;)
    Since most homes in the 300-500 block cannot accommodate off street parking, I thought traffic mirrors would be an easy solution.  I want to be very clear, I was NOT looking to have any parking rules changed
  3. (Debbie: Thanks for getting involved in the public process. Happy to clarify your position here. Thanks for writing. -- EB)
  4. Later in the evening, when the paving bid was awarded and Public Works Director Doug Yerger said Quinter Street is not on the list, it is because "it was never properly constructed." However, he did promise to take and look "and see what we can do."
  5. In case you're wondering what that program is, here is the article I wrote about it.
  6. Called "Fathers Matter,: the pledge indicated above is as follows: "I pledge to be an active father;
    I will love you, teach you and take the time to learn what matters to you;
    I will be available when you need me, even when its not convenient;
    I will play with you, listen to you, help you;
    I will leave you memories of a father who health, spirituality, education and self-esteem;
    I will be a responsible father who considers your well being in all of my actions."
  7. It will be held rain or shine, said Meade.
  8. The story below shows why that agreement is significant. It requires the four fire companies to consolidate, or get no money from the borough.
  9. For more on the draft comprehensive plan, including links to the plan and the sustainability elements, see the story below:
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