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Tweets from the May 15, 2014, Pottstown School Board Work Sessions

  1. So obviously, it didn't happen at the school board meeting, but I spent a good portion of my day Thursday covering the removal of two of the light poles at Grigg Memorial Field at Pottstown High School.

    In case you didn't see the Storify Mercury On-Line Editor Eileen Faust put together, I've pasted it here below and I think it's pretty cool, if I do say so myself.
  2. So actually, there wasn't much more than I already reported last week from the Finance committee meeting.

  3. Here is the Storify of my Tweets from that meeting:
  4. And here is the story I wrote for The Mercury out of that meeting:
  5. Nothing much else happened on the budget Thursday night and none of the school board members had any questions or comments.
  6. It should be pointed out that he will reinstate one coach to the payroll who had been voluntarily serving as coach.
  7. This story has some information about that check...
  8. These meetings are part of the family engagement effort being funded through a grant from the Kellogg Foundation and represent perhaps parents' best chance to have a say in the shape of public education in the coming years.
  9. Here is a story I wrote about that effort.
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