Joint Ward Meeting II

Tweets, and damn few of them, from the Joint Ward 1 and Ward 3 meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014

  1. So what a difference 30 minutes make.

    Apparently I got it wrong when I thought this joint ward meeting started at 6:30 p.m. 

    It started at 6 p.m., so by the time I got there, things were winding down.

    Here's what I saw.
  2. So I spoke with the two council people who called the meeting, Ryan Procsal from Ward 1 and Sheryl Miller from Ward 3.

    Procsal said about 25 or 30 residents showed up for the meeting.

    Procsal said he had attended a meeting Monday night at Victory Christian Life Center, organized by Mayor Sharon Thomas and which brought in experts from other urban areas.

    "They said our neighborhoods are not that bad when compared to places like Northeast Philly, and they gave us some pretty good suggestions," said Procsal.

    Among them is the idea of encouraging "block captains," people who keep an eye on the goings on on their block and can report trouble or act as witnesses.

    Along those lines, Miller said Police Chief Richard Drumheller has agreed to arrange a class for residents to teach them how to be better witnesses, what to look out for.

    Now she just needs enough people to express interest.

    Thomas said it would be best to pitch the idea "to the faith community." 

    "It's good old-fashioned stuff," said Procsal, watching out for your neighbors, knowing what's going on in your neighborhood."

    Miller said the ward meetings are held not only so residents can bring issues to the attention of their elected representatives, but also to help explain what government can and cannot do for the residents.

    "It can be hard to get people to understand what we need from the community," she said. "Council can't do everything. You can help build up a community, which is much harder, or you can break it down."

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