Facilities and Finances

Tweets (and a few photos) from the meetings of the Pottstown School Board's facilities, policy, personnel and finance committees on Thursday, April 10, 20124

  1. Work will be done in 22 classrooms and the seven 1950s-era panels will be taken out and then everything in Barth will be on modern circuitry, said Facilities Director Robert Kripplebauer, just like the other elementary schools.
  2. Hylton said the electrical systems in the building are code-compliant.

    Superintendent Jeff Sparagana said making the repairs later could cost more since the contractor is already on-site.

    Kripplebauer said not upgrading the electrical systems at Barth was "a total miss by the design team," adding "I don't want to be the guy telling you 'I told you so' when we have a problem there five years from now."
  3. "I don't think the architect did their due diligence," Weand said.
  4. Hylton noted that hiring Reyonolds Energy as the construction manger was supposed to serve as a check for catching mistakes.
  5. "It was not part of the scope, so there was nothing for Reynolds to catch," Adams added.
  6. However, this plan, which requires setting up a plastic layer between the ceiling tiles and the interior of the room, and so will result in better containment of the asbestos. 
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