Council Meeting Was a Work of Art

Tweets and one tout from the March 5, 2014 Pottstown Borough Council meeting

  1. Much of the discussion at Wednesday night's council work session, driven no doubt by the proposal for the former Fecera's Furniture Warehouse, see below, was about the power of the arts and culture to be an economic engine for revitalization of Pottstown; hence the title of this storify....
  2. Oy, a spelling error in the very first Tweet, not a very auspicious start. In my defense, I'm getting older and text is getting smaller.....
  3. This is the second time this proposal has been before council. Below is a link to a story I wrote last June about the first go-round:
  4. However, the next month, the federal housing tax credits which make the project feasible were not awarded to the project. The link to that story appears below:
  5. Also, the project as proposed last year generated some opposition from those who feared it would become a magnet for housing vouchers, often called Section 8. What has changed is that many of those opponents are now ardent supporters since the project's scope was changed to be more focused on attracting artists.

    "We decided to get together and meet in person, and we covered a lot of ground and we discovered we shared quite a bit of common ground," David Jackson, president to the MOSAIC Community Land Trust, told Council Wednesday night.

    Jackson's wife, Katy, is an ardent community activist and was one of the most outspoken against the project initially. That has changed with this latest proposal.
  6. In addition to Genesis, the other partner in the project is Housing Visions, which would hire an on-sote manager to oversee the site for 30 years. A link to the organization's web site appears below:
  7. At did not have her name in front of me at the meeting, but the name of that rep is Heather Schroeder and she is a manager in the Project Development division of Housing Visions. Below is a link to a press release about her hiring in 2012.
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