1. The budget council finally adopted, see link below, was supposed to delay the hiring of a replacement police officer, but Borough Manager Mark Flanders announced last week that they had found a way to proceed with the hiring on schedule.
  2. David Miller, himself a former councilman, said more investment needs to be attracted to Pottstown and questioned the need for the Pottstown Downtown Improvement District Authority.
  3. Citizens Comments 1-9-17
  4. Library Report for 1-9-17
  5. PDIDA Director Shiela Dugan pointed to Monday's publication of a story in The Mercury, link below, about plans for the coming downtown farm market.
  6. PDIDA Update for 1-9-17
  7. The other two properties, one on King Street and one on Farmington Avenue, were purchased by developers to returned the properties to single-home owner status and put them back on the tax rolls.
  8. Here is some background on that ...
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