A Quiet Evening in Upper Pottsgrove

Twetes from the March 17, 2014 Upper Pottsgrove Township Commissioners meeting

  1. The issue was raised at the Feb. 18 meeting by several neighbors of a property on Orlando Road where 22 dogs are housed.

    Dogs are not being neglected, according to Police Chief William Moffett, although the property owner is being regularly cited for violating the noise ordinance.

    Because the property owner in question does not possess enough dogs to meet the state standard for a kennel, that law does not apply. However, Township Solicitor Charles D. Garner Jr. explained to the commissioners that under the zoning ordinance, the township can choose how to define what a kennel is.

    However, no matter what action the township takes, he said, it cannot apply to the current problem at hand.
  2. "It would be nice if we didn't need laws, but we don't all always behave properly," said Township Commissioners Chairman Elwood Taylor.
  3. The state regulations for these home heaters are fairly basic, said Garner, and the township can regulate the set-backs required so the smoke from the burners has less impact on neighbors.
  4. Dallas said the interest rate on the bonds, which were borrowed for sewer work along western Farmington Avenue and to pay for renovations to the basement of the firehouse, where the township's administrative offices are now located, dropped from 4.27 percent to 2.543 percent.

    The interest rate is locked in given that "I don't have a crystal ball, but I can't imagine interest rates going much lower than 2.543 percent," said Dallas.
  5. The proposed ordinance would require shoveling a 30-inch clearing around each fire hydrant.

    Township Commissioner Martin Schreiber votes against proceeding, but not because of the fiure hydrant aspect of the proposed ordinance but because "I have a problem with the sidewalk portion."
  6. The fire marshal in question, Stan Hildenbrand, a former fire chief, was approved by a 4-1 vote.
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