A Very Pottstown Fourth

For the first time in many years, staff from The Mercury joined the Pottstown Fourth of July Parade. Joining us were some Bike Pottstown bikers and,#StoptheViolence marchers, who joined us for The Mercury mile, our weekly fitness walk as part of our Fit for Life initiative, made part of the parade

  1. Although it's not in Pottstown, it seemed appropriate to start with this Tweet, which shared the #4thofJuly hashtag we were using Friday.
  2. Here's NASA's coverage of the Fourth of July parade in Pottstown.
  3. The Fourth of July season in Pottstown always starts with the naming of the year's queen...
  4. Before we get rolling here, here is a shameless plug for Friday's blog post....
  5. Before there is a Fourth of July parade in Pottstown, there is a patriotic 5K race and veteran Mercury Photographer John Stricker (@MercPhotog) was there. Click the link below to check out his gallery of photos of the parade before the parade.
  6. Although we've covered the parade for years, this is the first time in a long time that we decided to be IN it as well.

    And one must be properly dressed for such occasions, so of course, we ordered shirts. 
  7. As you can tell, Mercury Editor Nancy March (@MercEditor) feels strongly about this. We'll hear more about her heroic efforts to bike in for the parade from Union Township just below. But first, Community Engagement Editor Diane Hoffman's son Ryan donned one of our (winged) Mercury caps for the parade.
  8. And he was not alone!
  9. As all little brothers are required to do by law, Ryan gave his big sister Sophia rabbit ears for her photo...
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