Calm before the storm

Notes for the week ending Oct. 4, 2015

  1. News

  2. It was a pretty quiet week for me on Twitter and Social Media generally as I begin to clean out my desk (not really, I did that months ago) and prepare for my new job at
  3. So, here's a question: Why write this story? Is the point that restaurants should somehow be regulated or eliminated? Is it a warning that there's an imminent restaurant crash bound for Berlin?
  4. Tony Russo, no relation...
  5. I totally didn't see this coming...
  6. Sports

  7. Lifestyle

  8. Town meetings make me forget there's an outside world and I make the kind of notes to myself that only make sense in my head. But my days of meeting coverage are coming to an end...
  9. Food

  10. Chili's in Annapolis is closing because the Rent is Too Damn High. If you're going to sell cheap, crappy food it is important to not have a nice neighborhood to do it in. Dunkin' Donuts announced it is taking its own long walk off a short pier, and McDonald's is offering breakfast all day. The price of cheap food is skyrocketing.
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