1. Video Blog 30: Ratbag arrives home in Opua
  2. Video Blog 29: The Homecoming
  3. Video Blog 28: Ratbag's departure
  4. Video Blog 27: The time to act is now
  5. Andy turns 40 on Baltazar and talks about the success of the Oil Free Seas Flotilla's mission ...

  6. Video Blog 26: Homeward bound on Baltazar
  7. Friday, 29th November: Jeanette Fitzsimons speaks to the Eco Conference 2013 from the Tasman Sea. Really worth a watch!
  8. Thursday, 28th November: Video Blog 23 - Our time on the SV Vega at the drill-site

  9. Video Blog 24 - Our time on Vega at the drill-site
  10. Thursday, 28th November: Video Blog 23 - Time to take the fight back to land
  11. Video Blog 23: Time to take the fight back to land
  12. Thursday, 28th November: Details of the welcome home event in Auckland for the flotilla
  13. Tuesday, 26th November: Fantastic images keep coming through from the Tasman
  14. Monday, 25th November: PRESS RELEASE: Oil Free Seas Flotilla heads for shore - the battle continues
  15. Video Blog 22: Day seven in the zone
  16. Monday, 25th November: Hundreds of spectacular images have come in from the various Banners on the Beaches events around the country 
  17. Monday, 25th November: The flotilla remain at sea in support of the SV Vega which is still inside the Noble Bob Douglas' exclusion zone
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