The OV Conference finds its niche on the veterinary congress calendar

It seems but the blink of an eye since we were preparing for the first OV Conference and wondering how it would go and now here we are - into the final planning for Year 3!

  1. In creating the OV Conference, our vision was simple. We wanted to create a forum in which we would bring together experts from APHA, other animal-health related organisations, OVs and experts from private practice to discuss the latest developments in OV work - and at which they could network informally and share experiences and ideas.
  2. The launch of the Conference in 2015, soon after Improve International was entrusted by APHA to undertake registration, training and revalidation of the UKs xxx OVs, was part of a new approach to OV training as both APHA and Improve worked to bring it up to date and to make it accessible and convenient for busy OVs who have to minmise time away from practice. It also coincided with the introduction of revalidation - a measure required by APHA to ensure that all OVs are working effectively and in compliance with the highest standards. With much of the training now available online 24/7, the Conference was an opportunity to bring OVs together to meet experts and peers and to fulfil the bulk of their CPD requirement in just two days.
  3. Has it worked? Yes, we think so!
  4. More than 200 OVs attended each of the first two Conferences with feedback universally positive and enthusiastic. We have been delighted to welcome guest speakers of the stature of the Chief Veterinary Officer for the UK and experts across range of Large Animal, Small Animal and Equine topics. The QA sessions, while sometimes lively, have simply confirmed the passion OVs have for their work and their clear desire to uphold the very highest standards in all aspects of their work
  5. Building on this for 2017, we are now putting the final touches to a two day programme which will be themed Safeguarding International Trade through Disease Control and Surveillance. Full details are here - we hope you can join us!
  6. As Nigel Gibbens, UK Chief Veterinary Officer highlighted during his key note speech during the 2016 Conference - OVs play a vital role.
  7. Maybe, the strongest way to show you why we do it, is to look at what real life OVs had to say abut their experiences...
  8. Lets not underestimate that It’s also a hugely useful tool for us to gain first hand feedback from OVs on the training and their needs. The responsibility of keeping OVs across the country up to date now lies with us and this is one way we can give them the opportunity to do so.
  9. As with any parent, we’re very proud of the progress & positive feedback we receive after each event, and therefore want the world to hear that feedback. One testimonial that stuck in my mind from the 2016 conference was this:
  10. ‘An exceptional couple of days here at the 2016 OV Conference. A well organised event, with a really impressive Speaker Programme- including Nigel Gibbens – A great lecture to open the event. And an even better lunch to follow!

    A really excellent atmosphere to the whole thing. Lots of opportunity to chat with fellow OVs and a chance to really define our role. I’d highly recommend the conference not only for the speaker programme and great CPD but for the service from the Improve International team too, thank you. I’ve put my name down for a place at next year’s already!’
  11. :) I think that brings us to a good place to conclude – Always end on a high.
  12. Stay tuned for more blogs from the Improve International team and keep an eye out for our guest blogs, including speakers and past delegates.
  13. Over and out.
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