The Twitter Scavenger Hunt

By: Nouredeen & Yehia

  1. First up, we were asked to tweet about our favorite spots on campus, so here we are, chilling!
  2. It is not always effective as in order to perform hypnosis the audience should lower their guards which is not easy do but it is very easy when performed on children as they already have low guards.

    AUC campus is very big and a lot of things happen without us knowing about it, Dr. Hoda Grant told us about something going on campus.

  4. Mayada trying to show us here school spirit by pretending to be a politician.
  5. This guy was about to leave campus but we stopped him to ask him about where does he get news from.
  6. We were lucky to find Mohamed to answer a question concerning the variety of clubs on campus.
  7. Dr. Hussein Amin asked our question concerning the role of social media in our lives.
  8. Trying to finalize our tweets before publish them.
  9. We tackled these rugby players with an important questions about their rugby team experience on campus.
  10. We went up to the roof to take a panoramic shot of the AUC plaza as we were asked to have a scenic picture.

  11. We met Assem and made a short video of him at his favorite food outlet on campus.
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