Twitter Scavenger Hunt

An overview Of AUC community members

  1.                  The assignment consists of tweeting interviews with people, photos that had just been shot, and a just recorded Vine video during a limited duration of time. As a journalism student, I experienced live tweeting in my first year at university. However, this experience was more enjoyable, as well as, beneficial in learning how to be fast in live reporting in general, and being just to the point, as not always reporters have enough time to reach interviewees, and answer many questions. What was also different about this tweeting experience that I was not alone, working with Passant El Gayar. 
  2. The American University in Cairo (AUC) has a variety of activities.  
  3. Some are important ones as well, such as the First-Year-Experience program, whose responsibility is guiding freshmen students, and also entertaining them.
  4.  Some people are practical when choosing the activity or club they want to join. 
  5. However, activities in AUC never lack the entertainment element.
  6. As delicious food is a part of enjoying one's time, food outlets on campus are of a great concern to AUCians.  
  7. When people think of sport teams in universities, it often comes to their mind young men, especially, if the game is rugby. That is totally stereotyping.  
  8. Passant's favorite place on campus next to the library near the garden. It's more or less hidden, which is a good thing by the way. 
  9. The garden is my favorite spot on campus. That is because the garden scenery looks better than people, sometimes. 
  10.  Our Department Chair has a significant perspective of Twitter's evolution. However, her office looks very interesting with all these photos around.   
  11. The Construction Engineering Department could do an impressive achievement.
  12. Here are some samples. 
  13. This floor of the library is unique in everything. 
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