2. In the summer of 2015, the EU Commission began considering whether to rewrite the vital laws that protect Europe’s wildlife and nature. They asked citizens what we think. And we let them know!
  3. Over half a million Europeans told the EU to save our nature laws and make sure they work properly - following a major awareness raising campaign by Birdlife Europe, the European Environmental Bureau, Friends of the Earth Europe, WWF Europe and over 120 European NGOs.
  4. But the campaign isn’t over – The European Commission has stalled for months and with every tick of the clock, Nature is being destroyed. Even the European Commission’s own evaluation has deemed these laws “fit for purpose”, meaning that they are good – just as they are! Now finally, on December 7, all 28 European Commissioners are expected to debate the fate of the Nature Directives.
  5. To make sure we get the result that Nature needs, we must show the key Commissioners that we are all still on high ‘Nature Alert’ – and tell them we expect them not to tamper with these laws but to protect them and ensure that they are better funded and better implemented. So join us and tell them NOW! Go to our website to send a message to the three key European Commissioners and show your support for Nature.
  6. UPDATE: On 7 December the European Commission finally announced that they will uphold the benchmark and hugely popular laws that protect Europe’s Nature – the EU Nature Directives. A big thanks to all of our supporters!

  8. 🎬 SHARE: Letter to an Enemy (VIDEO) | Nature is on Alert (VIDEO)
  9. INTERVIEWS: fathers of Birds Directive + Habitats Directive

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