Real World Learning

Deeper learning can be achieved in the classroom when students are engaged in learning that is authentic and meaningful to their experience.

  1. Engaging our students with real world authentic work is learning for a purpose.
  2. Among the most significant and real world learning experiences are student internships.

    Internships help students apply their academic knowledge to real life work situations. Internships are a great opportunity for deeper learning.
  3. Just Listen: Internships & Hands-On Learning
  4. Schools across the nation have organized internship programs that help students make the connection between academic content and real life work.
  5. Industry mentors can be used to teach, tutor, and inspire students about their learning. They help make a connection from academics to real world applications.
  6. Connected Learning: Inspiring Mentors and Peers
  7. In the connected learning model, academics, students' interest, and mentors are connected in the learning. The goal is to produce life-long learners with high-order thinking skills. Connie Yowell highlights the power of student engagement in learning. Students will learn when they are motivated.  Students are motivated by contextual learning that is relevant and meaningful to their experience.
  8. Connected Learning: Real-world Engagement
  9. Career and Technical Education schools can provide authentic learning opportunities to students. Students receive hands on real world skills learning experiences that are  integrated within the curriculum.
  10. Sam Siedel author of Hip Hop Genius makes a case for project based learning as a way for students to connect to the real world. 
  11. I've always been a very big fan of project based learning! The Buck Institute for Education is a resource for educators interested in project based learning that is authentic and meaningful to students. The BIE web site has a project search feature that searches against a collection of projects from third parties including NASA, iEarn, ePals, Expeditionary Learning, High Tech High, and others.

  12.  Designing authentic tasks should include the following:
  13. Authentic learning 2: AUTHENTIC TASKS
  14. In today's connected classrooms, we have the resources needed to design and make authentic learning opportunities for our students.  The Internet provides a platform for research for our students. It allows them to connect with experts, and collaborate with others to discuss and build solutions.
  15. What is 21st century education?
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