What are Learning Management Systems

In this storify you will learn what a Learning Management System is.

  1. Let's learn what a Learning Management System (LMS)  is. In the video by Advanced Distributed Learning, LMS' are explained. Content management systems (CMS) are also explained. The video compares LMS' with CMS'.

  2. Choosing an LMS - Video 1
  3. Distinguishing between an LMS and a CMS can be confusing. Even educational media can get it wrong. Edudemic identifies 20 top best learning LMS', but are they really LMS'?

  4. Confusing, isn't it? This will help clarify. 

  5. LMS' are made of LO, or learning objects. There is a lack of agreement on standards for creating LOs. This limits their re usability.

  6. Here are the benefits of using an LMS.

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