Using Technology To Help All Learners

Technology helps with differentiating instruction.

  1. I believe technology helps level the playing field for learners in the classroom.  Technology used in blended learning approaches to instruction helps individualize learning for students and leads them into deeper learning. Using technology teachers and students have access to resources of varying academic levels.  Information may be presented in a multimedia format that works for learners with various learning styles.   There is flexibility in learning and more opportunity for choices in learning. Students will be more engaged and take ownership in their learning when they have a choice in their learning.

  2. Blended learning in 2 minutes and 38 seconds
  3. Blended learning uses technology to personalize learning for students.  A blended learning approach can help teachers manage student resources more efficiently and make it easier to differentiate learning for students. Students have access to materials that meet their individual needs. Reading resources can be provided at the lower reading levels and at the more rigorous and challenging levels.
  4. How does The Alvo Institute's blended learning designs support differentiation?
  5. I believe blending learning offers many opportunities for the student to learn over traditional classroom instruction. It provides students with control over their learning.  They can make a choices of how and when learning will happen.  It provides students with time to reflect on work and the work that is shared by others. Opportunity to learn continues beyond the classroom walls. The classroom time can be used to promote deeper learning and becomes more of an active, open, and resourceful classroom.