Distance Learning Helps Learners

  1. In Farhad Saba's Distance Education in the United States: Past, Present, Future we learn that Distance Learning has a historic foundation in independent and self-directed learning.  It also met the needs of the under served.
  2. History of Distance Learning
  3. Today students using distance learning education are growing in numbers. However, Saba points out that the organization and structure of public education precludes education from receiving the full benefit from their investment in technology.  Our educational system's structure has not changed. It continues to reflect a structure that reflects  an industrial economy. This lack of change results in a less efficient system.
  4. Steve Cohen offers his thoughts on distance learning and the future of education.
  5. What is the future of distance learning and education?
  6. Saba concludes the future of distance learning depends on how successful education is able to adapt to a post-industrial environment, and on how government can help to use distance learning to decrease the cost of education while increasing access to learning for everyone.
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