Assessments for Deeper Learning

This storify documents additional resources I reviewed on assessments and badges. They helped me understand and think about how assessments and badges can promote deeper learning.

  1. Assessment should be reflective.  Bob Lenz of Envision Schools presents how the Know Do Reflect learning process leads to deeper learning. Reflection is the assessment which leads students to think critically about their work and internalize what they did well and generate ideas about how they can improve.
  2. In self-assessment student reflect on their work to improve their work. This leads to self-directed learning and student agency. Peer assessment is engaging and also provides opportunity for reflection. Peer assessment provides perspectives from other students during assessment.
  3. Self-Assessment: Reflections from Students and Teachers
  4. Reflection is a key component to assessment that leads to deeper learning.
  5. Assessment should be provided through the stages of learning not just at the end of a task.
  6. Students should have a clear understanding of how they will be assessed prior to beginning their task. The rubric should be clear of learning expectations. Students input into their assessment is a powerful way to engage and get students involved in the task.
  7. Providing  exemplars will help students visualize and understand what exemplary work looks like. They can help students develop a sense for what they should be achieving.
  8. My first badge! Badges 101 issued by Mozilla. Visit to earn your first badge.
  9. Digital and Open badges are an upcoming way of assessing learner achievement.  Badges are an alternative way of assessment.  They can be used to document both formal learning and informal learning that occurs outside the classroom walls resulting in a learners ability to pursue personal learning paths.  Badges promote life long learning.   Badges are fairly new to education and there remains questions as to how to best develop and use badges for qualifying credentials.
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