Twitter Scavenger Hunt at AUC

This semester, I had the chance to observe the AUC community closely through the 'Twitter Scavenger Hunt.' My partner; Karim AbdelKodos, and I were assigned ten tasks during the class time. Here is what we did:

  1. Our first task was of course about the news. So, we decided to ask Ebrahim ElGharabawy about his use of social media and where he gets his news from and his answer was:
  2. I was not surprised because the majority of AUCians don't actually read the news. So, at least he asks his peers about what is happening.
  3. Unfortunately, we wrote computer engineering without capitalization so it should be: Computer Engineering.
  4. Then we moved on to complete our second task which was to ask any professor what he/she thinks of social media and its role in social change.
  5. We met a professor and Karim insisted on asking him but I couldn't figure out why and when I asked the professor about his name, I found out that he is the HUSS Dean (How didn't I know that instead of embarrassing myself!)
  6. His answer was actually very realistic.
  7. Furthermore, we had to show the academic excellence of AUC so we went automatically to the Department of Construction Engineering, as they are known for their huge projects.
  8. We first met a senior working on her thesis. It was really hot and she was very exhausted that she could smile only.
  9. But, we had to bring a quote from a student so on our way out we met Rafik Alphonse, who was also another Construction Engineering student working on his thesis. We were able to take a photo of him while he was suffering:
  10. Unfortunately, we wrote Construction engineering without capitalization so it should be: Construction Engineering.
  11. After our long tour in the Engineering Department, we had to take a photo showing the extracurricular activities at AUC and we were in the right place:
  12. Unfortunately, we wrote mechanical engineering without capitalization so it should be: Mechanical Engineering.
  13. Then, out of all the food outlets on campus, we chose to go to the food court to take a photo of a student enjoying his meal at his favorite eating spot. There, we met Megahed Ahmed who was obviously very hungry:
  14. Unfortunately, we wrote computer science without capitalization so it should be: Computer Science.
  15. Our next task was to discover the school spirit.
  16. But, we had to think first what does that mean to us. My answer was 'Friendship that lasts forever'.
  17. However, we had to quote from a student and we met Injy Salem whose answer was:
  18. Pretty much the same, I guess!
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